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Bielska 67, 09-400 Płock


+48 608 656 918


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Bielska 67, 09-400 Płock


24 365 99 16
608 656 918
533 700 606



Opening hours:

pn– pt: 8:00 – 17:00
sob: 9:00 – 13:00



Our team

Łukasz and his wife founded Fast Trade in 2012 and has driven its growth into strong local enterprise with aspirations to further expansion. According to his employees, he is hyperactive, however, never diagnosed. He is able to juggle few deals at the same time, with dedication and attention to each of them and also, be up-to-date with his team work. You need something extraordinary and your deadline was yesterday? You are responsible for construction site where unusual fire prevention solutions have to be implemented and State Fire Service is going to inspect it tomorrow? Truly, Łukasz is able to do impossible on the spot, for miracles, sometimes he needs few working days.

Artur joined the company in 2014 – he knows it inside and out. He is really good in sales, due his undeniable creativity and ability to meet even the most sophisticated wishes of our clients. Besides that, he is also our OSH Senior Specialist – professional, hard-working with in-depth knowledge on legal aspects of health and safety at workplace. You are going to be, or already are, a company owner? You need to train your staff on OSH or chose for them PPE? You are expecting an inspection or need some help with documents? You want friendly advice from someone who can explain to you legal requirements, but in layman’s terms? Artur is a right person to turn to.

Cooperate with us

Are you running or just starting a company? Do you want to train employees – health and safety training, hook / whistleblower, employee working at height? Do you equip your company with handheld firefighting equipment? Do you need advice, a friendly person who will explain to you in an accessible way what the law requires from you? Are you looking for help in completing the documentation or in preparing for an inspection? Do you want to properly select personal protective equipment? At Fast Trade you will find professional help and people who want everything in your company to work as it should.

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