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Footwear Plock

Fast Trade is a wholesaler of high-class work footwear, safety and fire protection products. The assortment of our store operating in Płock includes work shoes tailored to the needs of each employee. We offer a wide selection of professional, preventive and safe footwear in the S1 to S5 class. Regardless of whether you need flip-flops for people working in the kitchen or welding shoes in the S3 class, everyone will find something for themselves; classic and sports models, with metal or composite toe caps, for men, women and unisex. We provide our clients with a wide table of sizes of work shoes. Additionally, the advantage of our store with safety and fire protection products is the possibility to choose from many models and color variants.

At Fast Trade, we know that properly selected work clothes are one of the most important elements of an employee’s attire who performs their professional duties, among others. in the open area, on the construction site, in the hall, but also in service premises. That is why we provide our business partners from the vicinity of Płock and all over Poland with high-quality work shoes that are perfect for any situation. Thanks to the sole made of non-slip material, as well as the reinforced base of the work shoe, it is possible to avoid many accidents. Anti-puncture inserts, additionally stiffened model structure and special ankle protection are just some of the accessories that increase the comfort of work in difficult conditions. The use of high-class products with appropriate certificates and meeting rigorous standards significantly improves the safety of the work environment, regardless of the industry in which the company operates.

In addition to the distribution of work shoes, our offer also includes protective clothing.

You can make individual order for any kind of footwear – summer, winter or rubber one.

Do you have any questions? You need help or advice? Contact us: fasttrade@onet.eu

High-class safety footwear

The most important task of footwear used at work is to protect the foot against various types of threats. The Fast Trade store offers models that will effectively protect the employee against mechanical damage, the effects of chemicals, moisture, burns, as well as the influence of low and high temperatures. In order to meet the expectations of our clients, we provide them with the possibility to adjust the order to individual needs. Thanks to this, by using the services of a wholesaler of health and safety and fire protection products operating in Płock, you can be sure that the ordered work shoes will guarantee the safety and comfort of each employee.


Safety boots


Work boots


In order for employee footwear to be effective in its protective function, it must meet several conditions. First of all, when choosing it, you should pay attention to the fact that work shoes protect your feet against all risk factors related to work at a given position. Therefore, if the employee’s duties include, for example, performing work on scaffoldings placed in the open air, he must have shoes with non-slip soles, but also those that will be resistant to external factors, including moisture. Employees of our store based in Płock will help each customer choose articles that will ensure a high level of safety for all employees.

Safety and comfort

The equipment of an employee is the responsibility of his employer. When choosing work shoes, it is worth making sure that they meet safety standards, but also that they are durable and comfortable. Our warehouse, based in Płock, provides customers with safety footwear made only of high-class, durable materials, such as suede, rubber and leather. Various types of styles allow you to choose a product that will be perfect for specific working conditions. The great advantage of clothes, including safety work shoes available in the Fast Trade store, is the high precision of their manufacture.

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